Reno and Elly H, founders of d'Topeng Kingdom Museum, are very fond of the ancient masks. After 25 years of hunting and collecting ancient Islamic artifacts from all over Indonesia, they began to realize that these ancient artifacts should not only be preserved, but also exhibited so that people can see and appreciate them. Coupled with worries about the days of people, especially young people, who often divert their attention from artifacts because many of them think that they are boring, Reno and Elly H, in early 2008, decided to find a museum designed to give pleasure and enrich. experience for the visitors.

Reno and Elly H officially opened the Kingdom of the Indonesian Islamic Art Museum along with Merchandise and Antique Shop in 2010. The museum is dedicated to offering many stunning views into the life of ancient Indonesians where many artifacts of various ethnic, linguistic, religious, and religious , signifies how Indonesian culture is rich always